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Avaris the Hyperborean (in Greek: Ἄβαρις Ὑπερβόρειος, Avaris Hyperboreios), son of Seuthes, was a legendary sage, healer, and priest of Apollo known to the Ancient Greeks. His homeland was Hyperborea, near the Caucasus. He was said to be endowed with the gift of prophecy, and by this as well as by his simplicity and honesty he created great sensation in Greece and was held in high esteem. According to Herodotus he was said to have traveled around the world with an arrow symbolizing Apollo, eating no food. Heraclides Ponticus wrote that Avaris flew on itAvaris, in our view, symbolizes unimpeded and sustainable transport.


Avaris, in the Greek language is the one who has no “βάρος, varos” (weight) i.e. the weightless one. As weight is the origin of friction and therefore one of the basic impedances to movement, Avaris is considered to symbolize unimpeded and sustainable transport.